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Aria Diamond AWV-2 Wah-Vol., Japan 1970s • € 60

Aria Diamond AWV-2 Wah-Volume

This very rare Aria Diamond Wah-Volume has seen very little use (despite its age of almost 40 years) and works just beautifully. Looks like a Shin-ei product and is built like a tank.

electro-harmonix Small Stone, v2, USA 1978 • € 95

elctro-harmonix Small Stone v2, USA 1978

This elctro-harmonix Small Stone is version 2 and was made in the U.S.A. in 1978. It is in beautiful shape, perfect working condition, fully tested and comes with no box, manual or whatsoever.

Ibanez AD99 Analog Delay, Japan 1996 • € 120

Ibanez AD100 Analog Delay, Japan 1982

This AD99 (made in Japan 1996) is in truly mint condition, fully tested and working flawlessly. Comes with original box, manual and original power supply (220-240 Volt, European plug).

Ibanez PH99 Classic Phase, Japan 1997 • € 140

Ibanez PH99 Classic Phase, Japan 1997

This is really hard to come by: an Ibanez PH99 Classic Phase, undoubtedly one of the best Phaser pedals ever made in stompbox size. The PH99 is in near mint condition, fully tested and working flawlessly.

MAC Whau Whau Distortion, Italy 1970s • € 100

MAC Whau Whau Distortion, Italy 1970s

This MAC Whau-Whau Distortion is very likely a brain-child of the legendary Tone Bender inventor Gary Hurst when he moved his business to Italy. The pedal sports four ATES BC270 germanium transitors and tropical fish caps. Fuzz volume and intensity (level and attack) are controlled by two pots on the bottom. Excellent original condition, everything is working flawlessly.

MXR Dyna Comp, USA 1980 • € 120

MXR Distortion+, USA 1980

MXR Dyna Comp, made in USA 1980 with box, manual, warranty card and MXR sticker. Mint original condition, matching serial # on housing, box and warranty card, everything is working flawlessly.

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02/15/2017: entire set of early Boss pedals for sale, all silver screw, mostly transparent switch, mostly boxed, many come with instructions too. For details please inquire: e-mail





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