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Korg Mr. Multi FK-2

made in Japan 1977 by Korg (a brand of the Keio factory)

Korg Mr. Multi FK-2, Japan 1977
Essentially it's a Wah-Wah, Envelope Filter and Phaser in the same box. Two pointer dials select your choice of Phase, Wah and Double Wah on one dial and Auto or Pedal on the other. The design offers different options for how you administer the effects: You can make it wah as an envelope filter or by using your foot; and there's a double wah function that's triggered by your foot both coming and going. The Wah Wah effect is on the subtle side in the single mode, while in the Double Wah mode it gets quite throaty. The Phaser delivers pleasant, musical effects - it fits comfortably with the rest of the pedal. The pedal is more popular among keyboard players - I assume this fact has rather to do with Korg's general reputation. Guitareros simply wouldn't look for new gear in keyboardist catalogs. Well, sometimes it's worthwhile...
Korg Mr. Multi FK-2 owner's manual
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