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Lemon StudioSound

Lemon StudioSound was a German guitar effects manufacturer in Karlsruhe, Germany, founded by Gerard Daleiden in the 1970's. Original Lemon StudioSound effects are extremely rare, valuable and rather pricy. Please see the subpages for details on the particular effects in my collection: Sound Stretcher A, Super-Phase, Zuzz Thainer

My Lemon StudioSound threesome
Lemon StudioSound product range: Fachblatt 02/77 (c)
Lemon_Komplettprogramm_Fachblatt 0277.pd[...]
PDF-Dokument [2.0 MB]

A Digital Delay in 1978? Of course not more

An extremely rare bird in my collection though - to be honest - maybe twice used in a couple of years. Not that it's bad, but more

This is a four stage phaser with the addition of feedback and more

This is a pretty strange combination of fuzz, sustainer and noise gate more

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