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Roland Corporation

In 1972 former Ace Tone founder Ikutaro Kakehashi established his new company Roland Corporation. Rolands first stroke in the steadily growing effects market was a long obverdue competitor to the Echoplex, which was launched by the name of Space Echo with several models. The Roland brand was used for a line of effects during 1974 and 1976 until the decision was taken to market guitar effects pedals by a new name and identity and keep the brand name Roland exclusively for keyboard instruments. This is where Boss evolved from - a divison of the Roland Cororation. Thus the Chorus CE-1 - still with all the aspects of a Roland pedal - became the first Boss effects pedal.

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02/15/2017: entire set of early Boss pedals for sale, all silver screw, mostly transparent switch, mostly boxed, many come with instructions too. For details please inquire: e-mail





New items added Feb. 15, 2017

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