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Shin-ei was the most prolific Japanese manufacturer of guitar effects in the 1970s and some of the utterly legendary effects boxes have their origin in the Shin-ei laboratories: the Uni-Vibe and the Uni-Fuzz, in the western world better known as the Univox Super Fuzz. Most of the Shin-ei products were sold under different brand names and even unbranded.

Companion ME-7 Multi Effect Wah - Hurricane - Siren - Surf, made in Japan 1975 by Shin-ei more

Just its name made the Companion Amplifier Psychedelic Machine more

The Companion WT-1 Wah is not the hell of a Wah but cool looking and built like more

The Shin-ei Fuzz Box FY-2 is one of the legendary more

The FY-6 Super Fuzz is probably the most sought after more

The Fuzz-Wah pedal 8Tr is one of the most popular pedals of Shin-ei more

Yet another Shin-ei brand, the Rands WT-20 is more

This was Shin-ei's cheeky take on the Oberheim Maestro PS-1 more

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02/15/2017: entire set of early Boss pedals for sale, all silver screw, mostly transparent switch, mostly boxed, many come with instructions too. For details please inquire: e-mail





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