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M3 emthree

Italian brand from the 1970s - 1981, successor brand of Meazzi


Very little was known about M3 emthree until I found an expertly posting on an Italian musicians forum (MusicOff) shedding some light to where did the make come from, where did it go? Well, everything goes back to the reputable Italian amp and music electronics make Meazzi. In fact their products were manufactured by a company by the name of Caldironi Musica in Cologno near Milan. When Meazzi ceased marketing Caldironis products, Calderoni Musica took over marketing their products by themselves, using various brand names as Cosmosound, Silversound, Goldsound and M3 emthree, whereas the acronym stands for "Meazzi Music Milano". So far the little available bits of history.

The Emthree Computer Echo is a vintage Italian more

The Minimax Mixer usually came in a set with more

So what is the Mini Synthy all about? Basically it is more

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