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Carlsbro Suzz

made in England, 1970/80s

Here we have an English made  Carlsbro Suzz from the late seventies/early eighties. The name is somewhat misleading as it seems to imply that this would be some sort of sustain+fuzz=suzz pedal: However the circuit has more in common with an MXR Distortion +. So it's not a nasty fuzz but rather a basic distortion, that is not bad at all. Add to that the collectibility of those funky enclosure Carlsbro pedals and you may have yourself a winner.

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09/27/2020: ToneHome is looking for an Ibanez CS-505 narrow box first issue with flying finger side graphics. Any lead is highly appreciated. Other than that we're looking for an Ibanez AD3000 Professional Analog Delay & Multi Flanger. Please submit your offers or leads here: e-mail

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