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Companion PM-14 Amplifier Psychedelic Machine

made in Japan by Shin-ei in 1969

Shin-ei Companion PM-14 Amplifier Psychedelic Machine, Japan 1969

Just its name made the Companion Amplifier Psychedelic Machine my all-times collector's dream machine. It took me more than ten years to track down a decent unit at an affordable price (i.e. less than $2,500). What does it do? It is basically an (early) version of what eventually became the legendary Univibe teamed up with another legend: the Univox Super Fuzz. Both effects could be housed easily in a box of less than half the size. But since it is a "machine" and not just a pedal it deserves its oversized housing.

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Dec. 4th, 2023: New listings of vintage Ibanez pedals for sale on our website!!!

Jan. 27th, 2023: ToneHome is still looking for an Ibanez CS-505 narrow box first issue with flying finger side graphics. Any lead is highly appreciated. Other than that we're looking for an Ibanez AD3000 Professional Analog Delay & Multi Flanger. Please submit your offers or leads here: e-mail

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