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fOXX Tone Machine

made by Ridinger Associates Inc, Chatsworth/CA, early 1970s

produced early to mid 70s, re-issued in the 2Ks

fOXX Tone Machine, 1972

The fOXX Tone Machine is probably the thickest sounding fuzz on earth. Its history starts in 1971, when 19 years old circuit designer Steve Ridinger released the funky, fuzzy coated fuzz pedal which subsequently came in a big range of colors (purple, blue and red are the most popular ones, white and US/stars and stripes versions the rarest of all) and brand names (Turtle, Sears Roebuck & Co., Nashville, Paraclete; Emmons…) The Tone Machine sports 3 knobs for Tone, Gain and Volume and a switch that goes from standard fuzz to an octave-up fuzz.

Retail price 1974: $59.95 USD

fOXX Tone Machine schematic
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