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Jen GS-3000 Syntar

made in Pescara/Italy 1978

Jen GS-3000 Syntar, 1978

The Jen Syntar is - put it simple - a Minimoog rip-off for guitarists. The basic signal layout approximates the old moog. Instead of a keyboard a hexaphonic pick-up triggers two VCOs, thus making it a simple but quite powerful mono-synth. Both VCOs are capable of tri, saw and pulse/square waves. VCO2 is tuned relatively to VCO1 in order to obtain some fat detuning or those classic 5ths and 7ths. Sound is fed though a lowpass VCF (24dB/oct) before reaching the VCA. VCA and VCF have independent envelopes of the atypical ADS variety (no release).The GS-3000 Syntar is created specifically for guitar. Instead of a keyboard there is a 6-pin dim input jack on the front for the original glue-on hexaphonic guitar pickup.

Jen GS-3000 Syntar schematics
PDF-Dokument [1.4 MB]

Sorry, no guitar demo available, just a clip of a Syntar modified for keyboard - anyway, it gives a good idea of the featured sounds.

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