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Colorsound Fuzz Phazer

made in England by Sola Sound, 1973

Colorsound Fuzz Phazer, 1973

Interestingly enough this Phazer has a discrete circuitry unlike any other phaser I know. This may be the reason why the phase effect on this pedal sounds rather different to my other phase pedals. It appears more like a wah/swell effect. The later version of the Colorsound Fuzz Phazer (1976) in a wider housing came with an IC-based board layout (LM1458). On my pedal the rocker goes all the way across the filter sweep of the "Phazer" - be it dry or wet signal -, while the switch underneath the rocker turns the Fuzz on and off. Not a very versatile pedal, but definitely somewhat more than a sole Fuzz effect.

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