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Sola Sound Tone Bender Mk. IV

D.A.M. reissue, made in England 2013

Sola Sound Tone Bender Mk. IV D.A.M. reissue, 2013

Ever since Macaris started making the historically correct vintage series of Colorsound pedals, fuzzheads have been inquiring to get them to make their first thincase Tone Bender again: So here she is - in full silver and blue - ready to rock and roll. An arrangement of carefully selected NOS NKT OC84Ns offers a rather delightful fuzz tone that is yet very much a fuzz box but with a good deal of liquidity and movement in its tonal repertoire. In other words it's not static in its dynamics or overly clumpy. This effector will handle overdriven tube amplifiers spectacularly well and has a very low noise floor even a high volume levels. (lowdown taken from Macaris' homepage)

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09/27/2020: ToneHome is looking for an Ibanez CS-505 narrow box first issue with flying fingers side graphic. Any hint is highly appreciated. Other than that we're looking for an Ibanez AD3000 Professional Analog Delay & Multi Flanger and an Ibanez OD-850 narrow box (v2-v5) either boxed or just the empty original box. Please submit your offers or leads here: e-mail

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