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Ibanez AD-230 Analog Delay & Multi Flanger

produced: 1977 - 1979

Ibanez AD-230 Analog DElay & Multi-Flanger, 1977

One of the finest analog delays ever built is the AD-230. Famous endorsers like Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir of Grateful Dead or Steve Miller were using this device in studio and on stage at that time. Then, analog delays were eventually replaced by digital devices due to the digital delay having longer delay times as well as crisp and exact delays with no signal loss. But, two decades later, like most things analog, people realized that the analog delay had a certain character that wasn’t easily replicated digitally. Nowadays the AD-230 is one of the most sought after vintage studio delays. It has one 1/4" mono input jack (100 kOhms, unbalanced) and one symmetrical  Lo-impedance input (600 kOms, balanced). On the output side there is a 1/4" mono jack (10 kOhms, unbalanced) and asyymetrical Lo-Impdance jack (600 kOhms, balanced) as it has the same for delay signal only. The delay disposes of four delay ranges (10 - 75/150/300/600 ms) and a modulation section. The delay is bypassed when flanging.


list price 1977: 2.500 DM

availability: very rare
collectibility: very high
re-issued: no

notes: Delay 10 - 600 ms, Flanger 1 - 13 ms

Ibanez AD-230 manual
PDF-Dokument [3.4 MB]
1977 brochure: Ibanez AD-230
PDF-Dokument [489.3 KB]
Ibanez AD-230 gear test: Fachblatt 04/78 (c)
PDF-Dokument [1.1 MB]

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