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Ibanez GE-300 Graphic Equalizer

produced: 1979-1980

Ibanez GE-300 Graphic EQ, 1979

The GE-300 Power Equalizer (or Graphic Equalier as stated on the cardboard box) was the successor to the short-lived PE-105 Power Equalizer. Running at 18 volts gives the GE-300 more headroom than conventional 9 volt floor based EQ pedals, resulting in a much clearer sound with more dynamic range. This makes the GE-300 particularly well suited to the higher signal levels present in some effects loop. It is great as a volume booster and/or tone shaper for any solos. It’s amazing what a just a little extra midrange emphasis can do for your lead guitar tone. As well as offering 12db of boost or cut across three tastefully chosen frequency bands, a crushing 20db of additional gain is available from the master volume – and because the pedal is so quiet, you may actually prefer using it’s huge output level to push the front end of your amp into overdrive, adding or subtracting the low-end EQ for as much tightness/looseness as you need. You could pump the mids and output to give your Strat a fat Les Paul like tone or add serious cubic inches to your Les Paul tone.


list price: 185 DM (German retail price list 1980)
availability: rare
collectibility: high

re-issued: no

Ibanez GE-300 Graphic EQ manual
PDF-Dokument [554.5 KB]
Ibanez GE-300 schematic (provided by
Ibanez ge300 Power Equalizer Schematic.p[...]
PDF-Dokument [54.3 KB]
Ibanez GE-300 pcb layout (provided by
Ibanez ge300 Power Equalizer Layout.pdf
PDF-Dokument [71.1 KB]

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