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Boss CS-1 Compression Sustainer

produced: 1978-1982

Boss CS-1 Compression Sustainer, 1979

The CS-1 is a direct successor to the Roland AS-1. And like the AS-1 it does its job by means of photocouplers - different to the later CS-2 and CS-3, which are using VCA's (Voltage Controlled Amplifier) to create the same effect. Like all compression pedals it reduces the output level over a set threshold relative to the strength of the input signal, making levels consistent and enlarging sustain.

Boss CS-1 Compression Sustainer manual
PDF-Dokument [700.0 KB]
Boss CS-1 Compression Sustainer service manual
JPG-Datei [242.9 KB]
1980 catalog: Boss CS-1 Compression Sustainer
JPG-Datei [471.9 KB]

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