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Boss NF-1 Noise Gate

made in Japan 1979 - 1988

Boss NF-1 Noise Gate, Japan 1979

The NF-1 is just a simple noise gate that cuts off the signal once the level falls below the threshold set. It's simple to use: Adjust the Sens(ivity) knob to the threshold level where you want the pedal to cut off and adjust the Decay knob to how fast you want the signal to fade out. Interesting trivia: According to the Boss classification scheme the NF-1 should be named NG-1, but NG could be interpreted as "No Good" so NF-1 for Noise Filter was chosen instead. Nevertheless the long form reads "Noise Gate".

Boss NF-1 Noise Gate owner's manual
PDF-Dokument [1.4 MB]

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