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Ibanez BS10 Bass Stack

produced: 1986-1989

Ibanez BS10 Bass Stack, Japan 1989

list price 1987: 167 DM / 1989: 186 DM

availability: rare
collectibility: high

re-issued: no


For most bassists, applying distortion to their instrument's sound is still unheard-of, but that is only because conventional distortion effects have not been able to deal with the characteristics of the bass tone, cutting of the low frequencies and causing a loss of dynamic quality.

Now, this has all changed thanks to the Ibanez BS10 Bass Stack. Here is the first distortion effect developed specifically for the discerning bassist. With a distortion range that beautifylly handles the wide audio spectrum of the bass, the BS10 faithfully and naturally distorts the original sound to produce a fat and heavy timbre with a powerful presence. It features a Drive control to vary the effect's intensity over a broad range and a Tone control for harmonic equalization. These settings let you use the BS10 for a large variety of applications: it is great as a pre-amp or a mild overdrive, but also as a wild distortion effect giving a radical fuzz bass sound. The BS10, a versatile dream-come-true for the creative bassist!



While the basic note range of the bass is an octave lower than that of the guitar, the high frequency range of its harmonics is nevertheless practically equal to a guitar's. This is the reason why conventional distortion effects, designed as they are with guitar applications in mind, simply cut off the all-important low frequencies and over-stress the treble. In the case of a bass, the result is a thin, unattractive sound totally lacking power. The principle of distortion effectors is to boost the input signals to extremes and then clip the wave form. The BS10 is designed to do this while taking the essential low frequency range of the bass into full account, distorting its deep notes naturally for a sound with presence and punch.



The basic setting method for the BS10 is to first adjust the Drive and Tone knobs according to your preferences, and then set the Level so the effec volume is equal to the normal volume you get when bypassing the effect. However, ou may want to slightly raise the effect level when playingsolos so your sound really cuts through. Since the Drive range of the BS10 is so wide, you will discover a lot of effective settings not only for solos, but powerful accompaniment work as well: from mild distortion to extereme adjustments producing the kind of fuzz bass so popular in the 60ies. It is also a good idea to try combining an Ibanez equalizer such as the BE10 with the BS10, connecting it either before or after the Bass Stack for even more impressive phrasing.

from: Ibanez Power Series pocket manual

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