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Ibanez PH10 Bi-Mode Phaser

produced: 1986-1993

Ibanez PH10 Bi-Mode Phaser, Japan 1989

list price 1989: 235 DM

availability: good
collectibility: average

re-issued: no


The Ibanez PH10 Phase Shifter is the phase shifter of the '80s. It features a mode selector that allows you to go from a six stage phase shift to a ten stage phase shift. This is a considerable advantage when you realize that most phase shifters only use a four stage phase shift. The PH10 also features speed, width and feedback controls allowing you to get just the sound that you want. The PH10 is truly the phase shifter of today.



Although similar in sound to a flanger the phaser is uniquely different in that the sound is not delayed. Flanging creates intricate patterns of phase cancellation and resonance. The cancellations of a phaser are less complex than flange cancellations, causing a smoother swept effect. The cancellation pattern is also different, wich a different spacing between the "teeth" of the "comb".



A standard sweeping phaser effect can be achieved with the following settings: Feedback = "0", Stage = "6", Speed = "3", Width = "4". Increase the stage to 10 and add width for deeper more resonant phasing. Used in conjuction with distortion and delay devices, incredible stereo "jet" effects are possible.

from: Ibanez Power Series pocket manual

Ibanez PH10 Bi-Mode Phaser owner's manual
PDF-Dokument [2.8 MB]
Ibanez PH10 Bi-Mode Phase schematic
Portable Network Image Format [68.7 KB]

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