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Ibanez SF10 Swell Flanger

produced: 1986-1993

Ibanez SF10 Swell Flanger, Japan 1989

list price 1986: 209 DM
availability: average
collectibility: high

re-issued: no


If you are looking for a flanger that will give you years of continuous service, yet not cost you an arm and a leg, check out an Ibanez SF10. It's BBD circuitry delivers rich, smooth flanging effects that will enrich the tone of any electronic instrument. The SF10 features four control knobs that give you complete control of the delay time, speed, width and feedback of the effect, allowing you to produce an almost unlimited array of flanged effects.



A flanger, such as the Ibanez SF10, makes it's effect by mixing dry and short delayed signals together. These signals are mixed in a way that causes a moving group of frequencies to drop out, forming a moving comb-filter. The range in which the comb-filter moves is controlled by the Width knob, where as the rate at which it moves is controlled by the Speed knob. The Regen knob controls the amount of feedback. Turning this CW intensifies the effect. When the delay time is shortened by turning the D-Time control CCW, the overall effect becomes more metallic in sound.



Although virtually identical in theory and operation to a digital flanger such as the DCF10, the analog circuitry of the SF10 creates a uniquely rich and warm sound. Since the delayed signal is slightly different from the original, unique patterns of resonance and phase cancellation occur. The SF10 is especially suited for flanging distortion guitar sounds.


from: Ibanez Power Series pocket manual

Ibanez SF10 Swell Flanger manual
PDF-Dokument [6.7 MB]
Ibanez Power Series pocket manual: Ibanez SF10 Swell Flanger
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