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Ibanez SS10 Session-Man

produced: 1986-1993

Ibanez SS10 Session-Man, Japan 1989

list price 1989: 245 DM

availability: rare
collectibility: high

re-issued: no

notes: The SS10 offers a combination of distortion and chorus, switchable either in series or parallel


Distortion and chorus are certainly among the most popular of today's effects. The Ibanez SS10 Session-Man combines the two in one convenient package, giving you both the fat sound and tenacious sustain of a distortion pedal with the lush and mellow tone of the chorus effect. The distortion section offers a wide drive range, and the chorus section gives you all the basic control you need. What's more, the two built-in effects can be switched for parallel or serial connection, placing a whole gamut of combined effects at your disposal. In particular, the Parallel Mode creates a beautiful unison timbre, mixing distortion with a rich yet clear chorus effect. With the SS10, you can add unique new variations to your sound.



The most interesting feature of the SS10 no doubt is its ability to use distortion and chorus both in series and parallel. In the Series Mode, distortino and chorus are connected one after the other, with the distortion output fed to the chorus input. The effect is the same as if you had hooked up a distortion to a chorus pedal, meaning you can add the ambience of chorus to the distorted sound. The Parallel Mode, on the other hand, lets you create effects you normally could not achieve unless you used a mixer or parallel box, with the dry signal fed to both distortion and chorus and the two effects summed at the output. In this mode, the distorted signal is mixed with a clear chorus sound for a particularly spacious feeling.



The SS10 offers a whole host of sound variations just waiting to be discovered. Here we would like to introduce one typical application for this versatile effect. First, set the Mode switch to PARA and CHRS.-LEVEL to 0. Then adjust the DISTORTION and DIST.-TONE knobs according to your preferences before setting DIST.-LEVEL to 0. This enables you to achieve volume balance between effect and dry (normal) levels with the CHRS.-LEVEL control. Finally, again gradually raise the DIST.-LEVEL setting until you hear a clear sound during the attack. It is a good idea to keep the DIST.-LEVEL setting relatively low, taking care that the distorted sound carries well when you play a long note. Note that the SPEED and WIDTH controls for the SS10 chorus section are located under the battery compartment beneath the footswitch. While these have been factory adjusted for a typical chorus sound, you can of course change the settings as necessary to suit the type of music and playing technique. Use your own musical sense to obtain a pleasing sound when altering chorus speed and intensity.

from: Ibanez Power Series pocket manual

Ibanez SS10 Session-Man manual
PDF-Dokument [3.8 MB]
1987 catalog: Ibanez SS10 Session-Man
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